Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Personal Data Law (523/1999) 10 § ja 24 §

Created 24.5.2018

RegistrarTakomo Hukkarauta
Data Protection Officer or Data Protection Liaison OfficerJoona Peltoniemi
Name of the register



Hukkarauta Customer Register
Purpose and basis of processing of personal data



The primary basis for the processing of personal data is the management of the contractual relationship between Takomo Hukkarauda and the customer. The customer register maintains the contact information of Takomo Hukkarauda's existing and potential customers or customer companies. By enterprise is also meant here as entities. Personal data may be processed for the following purposes:


- The primary purpose of the customer register is to collect customer contact information for billing (ordering information, billing information, payment control and, if necessary, collection).

- In addition, the customer's contact information can be used to manage, manage and develop the customer relationship.

- Customer data is not used for direct marketing.


Information content of the register


















The information to be collected is:


Customer contact information:

- For corporate customers, the name and business ID of the company and the first and last name and title of the potential contact person

- For private customers, the first and last name of the private customer.

- Proximity address, postal code, post office. - In addition, a telephone number and e-mail address or other necessary contact information can be collected.

Products and services ordered by the customer for invoicing:

- Information related to the customer relationship and the contractual relationship, such as the services ordered, the contract and project numbers, the start and end dates of the contractual relationship and the value of the service.

- Customer feedback and contacts.

- Any billing reference and other billing information.

- Additional information provided by the customer himself or otherwise collected with the customer's consent.


Regular sources of information











As a rule, information is collected in connection with ordering the service on the basis of requests for quotations and other contacts from the customer himself. The information is supplemented, updated and maintained during the customer relationship with information received from the data subject or with the data subject's consent.


Billing information can also be collected from TIEKE's website, the YTJ information system and the customer's subscriber organization's website.





Restrictions on collection and handling (including storage times)











Customer register information is only used by Takomo HukkarautaTietoja ei The information will not be disclosed outside or for the personal use of its partners, except in matters related to credit applications, collection or invoicing, and when required by law. Personal data will not be transferred outside the European Union unless it is used by Takomo or to ensure the technical implementation of its partner. The personal data of the data subject will be destroyed at the request of the user, unless legislation, open invoices or collection measures prevent the deletion of the data.


The information is retained for a period of 5 years prescribed by the Accounting Act.


Outsourcing of personal data processing



Processing is not outsourced



Transfers of personal data (including non - EU EEA)



Tietoja ei luovuteta kuin välttämättömistä (oikeudelliset) syistä.



Tietojen suojaus, tekniset ja organisatoriset toimenpiteet










Manual materials


There is usually no manual material and efforts are made to minimize it. This material will be stored in a locked state as it appears. Unnecessary manual material is disposed of securely.

Electronic materials

The customer register is generally maintained electronically. Only the registrar can open a file containing customer information. The storage, archiving and destruction of data is determined by legislation and the organization-specific guidelines based on it.


Exercise of the data subject 's rights












The data subject has the following rights:


-To be informed on data processing

-The right to check information about oneself

-Correcting incorrect information

-Right to request deletion of data

-Right to limit and oppose processing

-The right to have their data transferred

-The right to information about oneself

-Notice on security breach